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About Me


I am a single mother and blessed with 2 beautiful older teenagers, Taylor  and Trevor. I reside in beautiful southern California, where I was born and raised.



I became a personal trainer in 2004 after losing my older brother to a massive heart attack stemming from severe obesity. My passion is my training career. I became certified through ISSA and starting my career at Powerhouse Gym, Temecula, CA. I have operated a home training studio as well as being a “mobile” personal trainer for the past several years.

  • I also own my own bookkeeping business, Simply Detailed Bookkeeping, and have operated it since 1995. I am currently working on my major in Kinesiology with the emphasis on Nutrition Sciences with a minor in Physical Education.


I started weight training in the early 2000’s after given the news that I was not able to run anymore. I began strength training and decided to compete in my first NPC figure portion of a body building competition in Las Vegas in 2004 and I was HOOKED. Since then I have competed in 8 local figure and women’s bodybuilding contests .                            comp

Training Business

I’ve recently transitioned my personal training/coaching to all On-Line Coaching and I’m so excited about the endless opportunity now to help others who live too far to meet with me on a regular basis.

Training Passion

I have years of experience working with everyone from youth to seniors, to medical rehab therapy patients to fitness competitors. I have a huge passion for working with Post Cancer Patients. I love being able to help them feel healthy once again. With determination and my assistance they’re able to create a new chapter in their lives of building up their strength and endurance. They fought a huge battle against a horrible disease and now they’re ready for me!!!!