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Frequently Ask Questions

No Excuses!!!

Every week I hear someone say that can’t train because their muscles are too sore from a previous day’s work out..
Did you know that at least hitting a less high impact workout can boost blood flow to those sore muscles and speed up recovery time? There’s no excuses for turning down low impact cardio or even a yoga class when you’re muscles are complaining !!!

Can I lose weight and build lean muscle at the same time?

It is true that in gaining muscle you are gaining weight. It is possible to lose body fat while building muscle though. Your body is a science project. With the right amount of calorie intake of proper nutrition and the proper training routine your body can reduce body fat while building lean muscle.

Water retention or increase in Body Fat?

More than often we watch the scale jump up a few pounds after a cheat meal (or for some of us a cheat weekend), but usually it’s a fluctuation from too much sodium or too many carbs.
If your weight is steadily increasing over several weeks for no apparent reason (your diet is in check and your excercising regularly) it’s usually not a thyroid issue, but could be attributed to an insulin resistance. Insulin, which regulates your blood sugar, stops working properly and you start storing fat instead of burning it. Other symptoms include lack of hunger upon waking up, huge sugar cravings, lower energy and extra fat in the tummy area.
Try adding 25 to 35 grams of lean protein at each meal in order to pick up your metabolism. Also aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and eat every 2.5-3 hours to keep that inner fire burning.

How can I enjoy the Holidays without over eating and feeling guilty the next day?

  1. Drink lots of water throughout the day and especially within an hour of your big feast. Keep a water bottle available and put crystal lite in it if necessary.
  2. Snack on cold veggies instead of chips and salsa for appetizers. Dip the veggies in salsa instead of ranch dressing. Substitute baked pita chips or pretzels for tortilla chips or potato chips.
  3. Make sure you bring your own balsamic vinaigrette for salads. Stay away from the fattening dressings and salad toppings.
  4. Eat everything in moderation!! You can indulge in the turkey and stuffing but make sure you take small servings and fill up on the salad instead. Watch the overeating!! Eat until your comfortable.
  5. Go for a run/walk/bike ride each day especially on the Big Feast Day!!
  6. Don’t skip meals!! Bring an extra protein shake readily available in a shaker to have as a meal replacement if you know you’ll be eating heavy earlier or later in the day. Most of all enjoy yourself. You don’t have to miss out on the good food but just be smarter about your choices!!

For the Expectant Mother, Are you fighting morning sickness???

I did some research for one of my friends/clients who is “newly expecting” and needs to survive the morning sickness and my workouts. The following are some healthy foods I was able to suggest to her: Snacks/Drinks: Wheat Toast, wheat crackers, rice cakes or small slices of pita bread,mozzarella string cheese and slices of a grilled chicken breast. Frozen fresh fruit such as grapes or watermelon. Ginger tea and ginger ale. Protein with Complex Carbs: Slices of celery, banana, carrot or apple with peanut butter on them, or cottage cheese with fruit in it. Foods with Vitamin B6: B6-rich foods include peas, legumes, grains, and pumpkin or sunflower seeds.¬†Make sure you stay away from the foods that cause heart burn. Why add more discomfort than necessary?