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After giving birth to my son I decided it was time for me to get back on stage.  I started my figure journey with Lynn a little over two years ago and it has been nothing but amazing.  Lynn takes the time and treats each of us as an asset to her team.  Lynn took me from a mom, wife, hygiene student and worker to all of the above plus a 3x NPC Nationally qualified figure competitor.  When we made it to the national stage Lynn helped bring out the best version of me.  Lynn is an amazing coach.  I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  Lynn thank you for being an amazing coach and encouraging me on the wild yet amazing journey.

You are the Best,

Tracy N. Murphy

3x NPC National Qualifying Figure Competitor




After a diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer I really began to reevaluate my life. I told myself if I survive this I am going to reach out for all my dreams. As a young adult I was mesmerized with fitness and bodybuilding, I attended many contests and saw the likes of Corey Everson, Tom Platz, the Metzger brothers, Lou Ferrigno and Rachel McLish. I was hooked and my dream was to step on stage one day. Then came cancer to put it all in perspective. As I recovered from surgery I began to work on my fitness trying to gain my strength back…I was lost I knew I had the desire but I needed the direction. Then I met Lynn and she changed my life! We immediately had a strong connection and after working out together I knew she was the one to guide me back to fitness. She encouraged me and told me it is NEVER too late for your dreams! She told me I need to step on stage in a fitness contest to fulfill my lifetime dream. I thought “oh no, I’m too old I’m over 50 and I have cancer”, but she believed in me more than I believed in myself! Once I made the decision to do this and committed to it the transformation began. I went from 22% body fat to a strong powerful woman at 16% body fat. I could see and feel my body transform. Lynn customized my workouts and meal plans keeping in mind to adjust my diet to a more alkaline state because of my cancer. She kept in touch with me and lifted me up when I felt down. She is more than just my trainer she is a lifetime friend!!

Cindy L

** The first pic is a month after cancer treatment and the second pic is after 6 months of training with Lynn**

Rest in Peace Cindy 9/14/2016


I’m asked more & more often how is it I look so young at 46!!! Did I find the fountain of youth??? The answer is YES, I SURE THE HECK DID!!!!

2 years ago I can tell you with 100% certainty that I did not look as young and healthy as I do nor feel today… my fountain of youth came through diet, nutrion, and excercise taught to me by my friend & coach Lynn McKinnie…

WITH Lynn’s guidance & retraining my lifestyle with proper nutrion and regular exercise… my skin, hair, nails are healthier…we’ve increased & restored my bone density… increased my strength & endurance…reduced health risks… among many other vital benefits that have helped me feel, look & BE HEALTHY!

I urge anyone young, mid-life, or senior to get on a regular program and learn this crazy science of diet & excercise and how it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!!!!

Samantha M.

NPC National Qualifying Bikini Competitor



I trained under Lynn for two months and now I’m doing her On Line coaching. She has me do a lot of compound exercises with super sets and drop sets with high reps and minimal rest to keep the heart rate up and the body fat burning. She’s been there for me 24/7 for support, advice and answers to any questions.  Since training under her I’ve lost 20 lbs, over 13 inches and 7% body fat so far. Her rates are very reasonable and I highly recommend her as a personal coach!


Andre E.


A year ago today I started a lifestyle change.. With the support and motivation from my fiance’, family and friends I started working with an amazing coach/trainer Lynn McKinnie who my friend referred me to.. This last year has been an incredible journey.. My goal was originally just to be able to run around and play with the kids at the park.. In addition, I also lost 100 lbs!! I also gained so much growth within myself.. I’ve been tested/frustrated/struggled at times staying on track, but overall I overcame my biggest challenge which was myself!! I’m not exactly where I want to be BUT I feel great which I’m grateful for.. I’m sharing this only because I know the struggle and I tried lots of different things over the years, but what I got from working with Lynn has been life changing.. I thank all of those who have shown so much love/motivation/support/patience and encouragement since I began my lifestyle change!! Gemma





I want to give a huge shoutout to my badass coach, Lynn McKinnie. When I found out how bad my knees were and that I would need to take considerable time away from Triathlon, of course I got really bummed out. Triathlon has been the only sport I have done the past 20 years. I literally had a feeling of deep grief and even loneliness because all of my friends are triathletes and now I am injured and can no longer do the sport I love. I knew I was in trouble and I knew I needed a new goal to go towards. Triathlon is over for me for now and I needed to move on. I called Coach Lynn and met with her shortly thereafter to discuss my goals and I told her, I am a competitor, I want to compete. I’ve always wanted to do a physique show, but lacked the discipline to stick with the diet to get show ready. She assured me she would make it an achievable goal. I left there with thinking cool, I’ll train and diet for a year and be ready to step on stage. Coach Lynn sent me exactly what to eat, what to do in the gym, what supplements to take literally giving me a road map to achieving my goal! Then she threw a curveball at me. Her Team Fine Assets was competing at the West Coast Classic in Riverside in four months and she wanted me there! My initial weigh in with here was 250 lbs and almost 20% body fat. She ASSURED me I would be ready! I am happy to say day of show I was 209 lbs and just under 10% body fat! My true love is Iron Man, but my return is still uncertain and I will be doing my second Physique show this November!

Dr. Jim